How To Hide Dark Circles

It can be hard to get enough beauty sleep these days, especially the recommended 8 hours. With busy lives this task seems almost impossible and, if that isn’t bad enough here comes the worst part, when you’re tired the colour can drain from your skin and leave you with dark circles underneath your eyes.


Step 1: Conceal Dark circles are normally blue or grey. To conceal them pick a colour that’s on the opposite of the colour wheel, this would be orange or peach. If you have fair/lighter skin, choose a light to medium peach colour. Pick a dark peach or orange concealer if you have medium to dark skin tones. When choosing concealer pick shades that are slightly darker, (1-2 shades) then your skin tone, this is important as it will provide full coverage for the dark circles.

Apply concealer in an upside down triangle, either using a flat concealer brush or your fingertips, (use a brush if you have dry skin as your fingers will suck the moisture out of the skin). Apply enough to cover the whole under eye area, don’t worry about colour matching the rest of the face, it will be blended out in the next step.

Step 2: Blend If you don’t wear foundation, choose a concealer that’s the same colour as your skin tone and apply it on top of the orange concealer you just applied, and just blend it out. For those who wear foundation, just apply your foundation all over your face and buff it into your skin as usual. However, be careful around your eye area so that you don’t remove the concealer that’s underneath.

STEP 3 (OPTIONAL): BRIGHTEN If you think that you can see your dark circles still you may want to brighten your under eyes with a light concealer. Choose a shade of concealer that is that is one shade lighter than your skin tone so it brightens the under eye area. It is important you use a light weight concealer, so you won’t look pasty, just place a few dots and gently blend out.

STEP 4: SET If you have dry skin, skip applying face powder and just use a matte eyeshadow that is two shades lighter than your skin tone. If you regularly use a face powder, just apply as you’d normally do, using a powder brush dust under the eyes to set the concealer and on the T-zone. This should keep the dark circles hidden all day!