How To Contour

Making your cheekbones pop and sculpting your jaw can be easy when you have the right contouring and highlighting shades on hand. You just have to find the right products that work with your beauty routine—and blend like you've never blended before.


What is Contouring...

Where to Apply The Products

Contouring is when you use a foundation-like product, (can also be a powder) that's two shades darker than your natural skin tone to shade areas you'd like to define, like your nose, forehead, chin, and cheekbones.

Often seen as a pair, Highlighting (or strobing) offsets contouring by accentuating areas of your face with light concealer or highlighter. To correctly highlight, use a highlighter that will compliment your skin tone, or a concealer that's two shades lighter. This will emphasize the areas of your face that naturally hit the light.

How To Contour Like a Pro ...The Ultimate guide on chiselling your cheeks and sculpting your face.


Step 1: Map your faceWith the chosen colour, map your face. So brush from hairline to the corners of the mouth, the sides of the nose, around the temple of your head and either side of your jawline.

Step 2: Blend itGrab the same contour brush you used to apply the powder and blend the contour in, making sure that you smooth out any visible lines on your face, otherwise the contour will look unnatural.

Step 3: Get Lit Apply a highlight on the bridge of the nose, the apple of your cheeks, cupids bow and chin, and blend again. The light against the dark will really bring out your features in the best way.

Step 4: Dust it With a fluffy brush, dust the entire face with loose powder. Top tip: a translucent powder is the best to set cream based products with.

What products we recommend:

Makeup Revolution Ultra Cream Contour Palette- This palette has everything you could need to achieve the perfect sculpted look. It has 8 shades available, cool and warm tones and colour correcting shades.

Makeup Revolution Pressed Powder- Translucent. This is a great setting powder to dust all over your face to set the products in place and hold the makeup for a longer period of time.

Makeup Revolution Ultra Metals Flat Contour Brush F304-- he perfect brush to apply cream contour with, very precise and easy to blend with.