Dry Skin

"Makeup will only look as hydrated as the skin underneath."

Dry skin is an issue that so many of us face, whether it’s a constant problem or a temporary one and applying makeup onto dry skin is no simple task. When it comes to makeup application, your face is the canvas, if you don’t start with a smooth base you simply won’t achieve the desired result. Dry, flaky skin is the biggest enemy to smooth flawless finish. Even when we aren’t dealing with the cold weather, several different factors can cause dry skin. The good news is that the dreaded nose peeling, foundation flaking and concealer cracking, is all preventable. 


Steps To Preventing Dry Skin

1. Exfoliate This will help get rid of dry flaky skin, creating a smooth canvas to make applying your make up so much easier.

2. It’s all in the preparation! After washing your face, apply a toner and moisturize straight away. Applying a toner is important as it helps the moisturizer absorb faster and acts as a layer of protection.

3. Moisturizing Moisturizing your skin is by far the most important step in this routine. A well moisturized face is crucial, as you want your skin to look and feel like velvet, not sandpaper.

4. Don’t skip Priming An essential step for a smooth hydrated finish is a primer. The creamy texture will keep skin moisturized and act as a “blur,” smoothing out pores and any imperfections. MUR Blur Primer is perfect for this.

5. The Perfect Formula Picking a foundation that’s right for you can be hard. However Dry skin needs nourishment, which is why a light and creamy foundation is the best way forward. Always apply your foundation with a synthetic brush, as its very gentle and wont damage your skin, or a damp makeup sponge for a natural dewy look.

Same goes for blush!

Things NOT to do when applying Makeup onto Dry Skin

1. Do not use your fingers to apply any product as they’ll absorb the much-needed moisture in your skin.

2. Powders are not your friend when your skin is dry and flaky. Powders will clog up your pores are sit on top of dry surfaces, causing a cakey finish.

3. Excess oil will not lead to hydrated skin.

4. Skip waterproof formulas as they suck out skin’s moisture. You should be able to easily wash your face off at the end of the day.