Brow Wax

Brows are one of the most important features of your face...


..and if you’re not happy with your natural eyebrows finding the perfect product to use on them can be hard. Especially with the makeup industry forever changing and adapting, the choice for the ultimate Brow product is becoming much more difficult. While some people go for powders and pencils, others prefer gels and pomades. However no product tames and shapes your brows better than Eyebrow wax.

Every girl has suffered a bad brows day, when her brows weren’t the fullest or most appealing. Maybe it’s the dreaded over-plucking, causing them to be uneven, but don’t worry! Eyebrow Wax is the ultimate solution for anyone’s bad brow days…

So what is Eyebrow wax?

Eyebrow wax is wax used for shaping, taming and fixing the eyebrows. Most often the wax is colourless, leaving an invisible seal on top of your brows, holding them in place all day. Its formula allows for an effect that is easy to achieve and maintain. The effect is natural and unlike some eyebrow products, the brows are left soft and not weighed down.


How to Apply Brow Wax Tutorial

Using Makeup Revolution Ultra Brow Medium to Dark, (this is the ultimate brow kit, it has everything you need, from tinted brow wax, to powders, pencils, tweezers and even a highlighter to enhance the brows).

Here’s a simple 'How to use Eyebrow wax', tutorial.
Top tip: Best applied with an angled brush to get the best precision.

Step 1: dip the angled brush into the tinted wax, (there are 2 colours available, pick the most suited to your natural brow colour), and draw a clean line under the brow.

Step 2: Repeat onto of the brow and around the end of the tail.

Step 3: Take the angled brush again, use of the brow powders, (preferably the closest shade to the wax, but this depends how dark you like your eyebrows) and lightly fill in the brow. It is best to apply the powder in light strokes to make it look natural.

Step 4: (optional) Take a spoolie, and brush the hairs out to evenly spread the product.

Step 5: Take the rounded edge brush and dip into the 'Eyebrow Arch Enhancing Cream and draw a line underneath the eyebrow, staying as close to the hairs as possible. Once this is done, blend out as if it were a normal concealer. This helps neaten the brow, making it look sharp and sleek.

Step 6: Apply the highlighter on top of the enhancing cream to give that glow to the brow bone.