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REAL TECHNIQUES - Single Pocket Expert Organizer (grigrio)

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MIRACLE CLING ™ permette di offre spazio organizazione il tuo spazio di bellezza. 1. Il pratico sistema salva-spazio offre un disposizione efficace per i bagni affamati di spazio 2. Disegnato per un uso di lunga durata 3. Non sono necessarie ventose, adesivi o supporti a parete

HOW IT WORKS? Proprietary Miracle Cling Technology™ securely clings to glossy bathroom surfaces like glass, mirrors, marble, flat shiny tiles, and laminate with no residue. Stores brushes and tools for easy access: - organizes bathroom clutter and frees up counter space - designed to store an assortment of brushes, sponges and cosmetic tools - slots between pockets allow head-down makeup brush drying to protect bristle integrity and performance HOW TO USE? - peel off protective film from back of organizer - place onto smooth, clean, dry surface and press firmly to secure and remove air bubbles - not intended for use on wood, stone, unglazed tiles, or over grout lines - for best results: wait 24 hours before placing items in holder Easy to remove; won’t leave residue on recommended surfaces and reusable. HOW TO CLEAN? 1. gently hand wash under warm water + dishwasher safe 2. stain resistant material tip: use rubbing alcohol for tougher makeup stains allow to dry before reapplying to surface

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