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RUDE Reflex Waterproof Concealer

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This brush on Reflex concealer is available in 14 shades, waterproof, full coverage concealer evens skin tone, covers imperfections/spots and conceals under-eye circles.
Reflex waterproof concealer is a high coverage concealer that also helps diminish pores and fine lines. Can be used to correct skin discolouration or dark spots. Reveal smoother, more even looking skin. What colour is best? Purple: To correct and brighten sallow, yellowish or tired skin. Best for looking awake and refreshed. Yellow: To correct or brighten age spots, dark circles, or blue/purple bruises. Green: To correct redness or viens. Best for around the nose and blemishes.
INGREDIENTS: Titanium Dioxide, Silicon dioxide ,Squalane, Isopropyl Myristate, Phenyl, SiloxaneOzokeritePEG-8 BEE WAX, Microcystaline Wax, Isododecane, SEP , G1701,PIGMENT MIGHT CONTAIN: C33-8075,C33- 8073,C33-5198.

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